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what makes me feel beautiful?

A photo series from mei-li documenting what
women really think about beauty.

Photographer Bri Hammond
reative Direction Bri Hammond and
Emily Thiang
hotographed at 
Nicholson Street Studios

Women wear a mei-li top or dress from the 'reversible' collection with vintage scarf and own pants

camilla's thoughts

Camilla . I feel beautiful when I’m laughing and being silly, or riding my bike on a warm night. When I feel physically strong, or after I’ve had an aperol spritz. When I’m carrying a big bunch of flowers down the street, or when a stranger smiles at me. 

jessie's thoughts

Jessie . Having a conversation with a good listener, hearing lyrics that express something I hadn’t been able to put words to, when the sun hits my skin after a cold winter and wearing a scent that brings me joy.


Sia's thoughts

Sia . I feel most beautiful when I laugh. Open, wholeheartedly and with people I love. When I’m laughing and happy it is one of the most freeing feelings in the world and what is more beautiful than that? 


Emma's thoughts

Emma . Making someone smile or feel like they can reach out to me. I think our ability to connect with people and intrigue, inspire and support one another is one of the greatest forms of inner beauty! 


Bri's thoughts

Bri . Making others laugh. Bare feet. Fresh hair. Singing. Riding my bike in a pretty dress on the first warm day of Spring. Comfortable clothes. Striding down a busy street with my headphones blasting The Grates, Beyoncé or Rancid.


Anjana's thoughts

Anjana . Colour! Lots and lots of colour! Colour in the streets, colour in nature. Colours all around me. It reflects in my designs, and it feels really really good when people reach out and appreciate it. 


Mia's thoughts

Mia . Walking tall, with purpose and joy; pursuing something that excites me, a creative project; and inspiring other people. Not thinking about myself, but the moment.

A big thank you to these women for your answers and participating in this campaign .