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mei-li is an independent, sustainable fashion label based in Brisbane, Australia, for women of all shapes and sizes. The word 'mei-li' means 'beautiful' in Mandarin, and is an expression of what every woman simply is. mei-li clothing is simple and practical, and designed to be worn just about everywhere: to the office, out to dinner, or for an afternoon strolling around the park. With different garments in the same colours, it's easy to mix and match pieces to create a complete outfit. mei-li is very adaptable fashion in this way. Every piece in the mei-li collection is locally made, using all-natural fabrics.

The 'back to front' range is reversible, meaning each garment can be worn many ways, all stitched from a sustainably sourced 55% hemp and 45% organic cotton fabric. Using natural materials means that mei-li pieces will get better with age. They're also really comfy.

There are lots of inspirations behind mei-li – local flora, '60s fashion and sew-at-home patterns to name a few – but above all, mei-li is about looking nice, feeling nice, and knowing that what you're wearing was made nicely, too. Expect to see more designs and colours in the mei-li range soon.